The Condition of Secrecy by Inger Christensen

“And care doesn’t necessarily mean “carefulness”. It can also mean courage and determination, clear-sightedness and generosity. We can inch forward our leap for all we’re worth, and either way we’ll find that there is solid ground beneath our feet. We can creep and crawl, dance and sway, or give ourselves over to walking completely normally.”
ーInger Christensen, The Condition of Secrecy, Selected Essays
Give me everything written by Inger Christensen and I will read them all…
I took the time to read The Condition of Secrecy by Inger Christensen plainly because this collection of lyrical essays warmed my heart. This book was a brilliant piece of art that I wanted to just stare at it all day. It gave me so many perspectives and I obsessively lingered on Christensen’s creative thinking process. I love her aesthetic observation, insights and questions on life, earth, human, nature, art, language and literature. The beauty of her writing made me really appreciate the meaning of reading. The praise was totally right, Christensen was “a true singer of syllables”. So full of arts, beautiful language and philosophy. I am now hungry to read her poems and eventually all her works.
“Things vanish into the shadows of each other and of themselves; but with the reflections of those shadows, poems return to light”
I am also grateful for Susanna Nied who translated this book from Danish into English so smooth and enchanting.

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