Estee A Success Story by Estee Lauder

“Each businessperson must find a style, that voice that grows clearer and louder with each success and failure. Observing your own and your competitors’ successes and failures makes your inner business voice more sure and vivid.” ーEstee Lauder
Estée Lauder (1908 – 2004) was the greatest saleswoman in history. #womenpioneers She built her beauty empire from just a hobby to multimillion businesses up to date (NYSE: EL, Class A, S&P 500). She pioneered the cosmetic industry, created marketing strategies that became the marketing norm today, and pave the way for women in business. She wrote this book so dearly. I thought Shoe Dog was the best business book of all time but I have to change my mind for Estée Lauder because, wow, she is phenomenal.
Estée was born in Queens, NYC to an immigrant parent. She had so much passion for beauty since she was a young girl and would always tag along with her uncle who was a chemist and skincare expert to learn about mixing the cream with him and finally mastered her craft. What I love the most about her story was how she sells. She totally blew me away. Her first kicked off product-market fit was experimenting in the salon where she would bring her cream in delicate jars and then she would dab the cream in the women’s hands. Skincare wasn’t a thing back then and Estée’s cream was a hit. Her biggest advertisment strategy was simply words of mounth. She also gave away the cream or gave free demo in the counter. She put her first pop up store inside the salon and it grew rapidly so much that she started to hire women to help her and trained them personally. Right around 1946, she established Estée Lauder as a company with her husband.
The demand for Estée’s cream was so high that she had to expand her business into the big malls in New York, Texas and acorss the nation. Here’s my favourite part, when she tried to expand the company internationally, it was Harrods London that she tried to sell to but they always refused her. Months went by with a lot of rejections and then one day, she spilled the Estée Lauder perfume in the floor of Harrods (intentionally) and the customers went crazy about this amazing smell and everybody want the perfume. Harrods buyer had to accept the growing demand of the customers and signed the deal with Estée. There are so many amazing stories like this that Estée shared with her heart and soul and I’m so glad I came across this book.
Regardless of what kind of The Estée Lauder Companies became today, I was so inspired by the story of its founder, by two hands of a woman who had so much ambition, passion, and determination. Although I didn’t pay much attention to her glamorous life style but I learned so much from Estee, her business lessons, being a business woman, family and life value. I definitely recomend this books to the all the lady who want to start beauty business or any business. This book is a guide, a must read.
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