Gunnar’s Daughter by Sigrid Undset

Sigrid Undset
The Nobel Prize in Literature 1928
“principally for her powerful descriptions
of Northern life during the Middle Ages.”


This was a dramatic and challenging reading. If it’s not because my reading goal of female nobel prize in literature, I’d never thought I’d picked this book, plus it’s the kind of (love) story that I don’t know how to appreciate, but I’m glad I read it and grateful for this discovery! Good job to myself!
Set in the Middle Ages, between Norway and Iceland, the story of Vigdis Gunnarsdatter, a woman of courage and intelligence, was seduced and raped by a man she loved. She raised her child alone and break thought the adversity in the world govern by men.
This book was first published in Norway 109 years ago. Can you imagine the chaos it would stir in the society back then? This story made me think a lot about women rules back in the day and now. We have come so far yet there are still things that had never change about gender equality and society norm.
I made a little further research and found that her literary theme are mostly around woman affair. Her most famous work ” Kristin Lavransdatter” portrayed the anatomy of women’s life from birth till death. Undset’s writing and prose are powerful and she’s one of the best storyteller. She definitely deserves more attention.

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