Map Collected and Last Poems by Wisława Szymborska

Wislawa Szymborska
The Nobel Prize in Literature 1996
“for poetry that with ironic precision allows the historical
and biological context to come to light in fragments of human reality.”

“Some Like Poetry” that no more than two out of a thousand people care for the art.” -Wisława Szymborska, Nobel Prize in Literature 1996.
 I’d never thought I’d read and fell in love with poetry this much until I read ‘Map’. To be precise, I really really love Szymborska. I’ve read ‘Here’ long time ago and amazed by her poetry and how she perceived life. But Map, traced all her works of about two hundred fifty poems until her death, including Here, Enough, View with the grain of sand and the never before published in English, I’m overwhelmingly stunned. I’m sad to say that I now read all her poems but I wish there would be more….
This book is vast and full of life. It’s the poetry that speaks about the acceptance of life, death, the world, womanhood, friendship, wars, terrorism, animal, politic, society, science and humanity. “We humans should be better bred.” I love each page I turned and absorb each line into my vain with gratitude. This book inspired me so many meaningful conversation I have with myself. I’m in awe by Szymborska’s writing. She’s intelligent, elegant, content, humble and full of humility. Start with ‘Here’ or ‘View with a grain of sand’ if you haven’t read her book, or simply sink yourself into ‘Map’ for the whole experience of Szymborska. I can’t recommend highly enough.
 “I worked to sprout leaves. I tried to take root.
I held my breath to speed things up, and waited
for the petals to enclose me.
Merciless song, you leave me with my lone,
nonconvetible, unmetamorphic body:
I’m one-time-only to the marrow of my bones.”
“I am who I am
A coincidence no less unthinkable
than any other”
“Life is beautiful and the world is ours”

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