Marina Silva: Defending Rainforest Communities in Brazil by Ziporah Hildebrandt

“Born and raised in the forest, I never imagined I’d be dressed in ladies suits and high heels” ーMarina Silva.
Happy #earthday with one of the greatest environmentalist in the world, Marina Silva! She who changed the world. This book is one of my 2019 reading goal, The Year of Reading the #womenpioneers.
I am so grateful to read the story of Marina Silva before came to see the Amazon with my own eyes. She’s the greatest source of inspiration to us all.
Marina Silva was born and grew up in the middle of the Amazon Rainforest (rural Acre, Brazil), she’s among one of 11 sisters. Her mother passed away when she was young. Marina worked as a rubber tapper to help her father and took care of all her sisters. So she would wake up at 3 in the morning, went to tab the rubber and went back home to prepare breakfast when the sun rose. She survived five attacked of malaria, there’s no hospital in the forest, she had to travel far to the city to stop hepatitis before it took her life. While in the retreat, she studied in a Catholic school, learned how to read and write within two weeks, at age 16. Later she attended the university but been in and out from the hospital and college. Right around this time, she started to join the environmental protests and fought to preserve the Amazon. She led demonstrations with Chico Mendes to warn against deforestation. She traveled in the Amazon from tribes to tribes to speak about protecting the rainforest. She helped create worker’s union and was elected as councillor and later elected as a senator. She was one of the first people who was not from the wealthy family to serve in the senate. From a girl who was born in poverty, didn’t know how to read and write until age of 16, to become the woman who changed the world, defend injustice, developed laws to protect the forest, fly around the world’s most powerful countries to meet the with presidents and priministers to discuss and advice the cause of sustainable environment.
Although my writing is pretty boring because I don’t know how to write good but the story of Marina Silva really inspired me to be the bestest version of yourself and contribute to the world.
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