Open Secrets by Alice Munro

Alice Munro
The Nobel Prize in Literature 2013
“master of the contemporary short story.”

In my observation while I was reading Munro for the first time, I thought, this sounded ordinary, and by the time I carried myself half way through, there was this odd powerful energy that grew in me. I was clung to these density about women empowerment and the complexity of life, and these radiate through me some sort of self-contained. It’s strange to say like this but it is precisely how I feel about this book. I’m very surprised of Munro’s unique way of narrate extraordinary stories and create such brilliant characters. Particularly in Open Secret, so miraculous and so distinctive. I’m beyond happy to pick this one for my first reading of Munro and couldn’t agree more of its praise as one of her top masterpiece. Her sentences are just mesmerising and witty.
“Love dies all the time, or at any rate it becomes distracted, overlaid- it might as well be dead”
“All my life I found this a good rule to follow- to get as much pleasure as you could put of things when you weren’t likely to be happy”
“For what was living with a man if it wasn’t living inside his insanity?”
In this book, include 8 different short stories, but all loosely connected as a matter of the same places, Carstair, Walley, Toronto and suburban Canada. (Might as well my fist reading about Canada by Canadian writer!). I love all the stories and especially all the female characters and the choices they made. Strong, solitary, sturdy, absurdity and intelligent. The imagination in “Carried Away” and “A Wilderness Stations” were pretty dark and gripping. And “The Jack Randa Hotel” which was my most favourite was very surprising and plot twisted. Those characters will walk around in my head for a while…
All in all, this is a remarkable short stories crafted by and extraordinary story teller. I can’t recommend highly enough.
Update, a year later, the stories and characters in this book still live and move in my conscious. So so powerful.

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