The Appointment by Herta Müller

Herta Müller
The Nobel Prize in Literature 2009
“who, with the concentration of poetry and
the frankness of prose, depicts the landscape of the dispossessed.”

“Everyone poor enough to be a Communist. So did many rich people who didn’t want to end up in a camp” “..and generally speaking, money ruins character”
 This excerpt probably sum up all the magnificent tales on this book. Herta Muller is brilliant aka badass! If ever there’s a real Wonder Woman, it’s Herta Muller. She’s not only inspires us all but also made a solid contribution to our world. I am grateful to read this book and thankful for the fact that she was able to smuggle this piece of script while emigrated from Romania to Germany.
The story began when the narrator who worked in the clothing factory, that supplied to the rich Western European counties, slipped the little note say “Marry Me” with her name and address into ten men’s suits hoping that one of the Italian man would found it and take her to Italy. She did this just because she wanted to escape from her country, Romania during Nicolas Ceausescu’s communist regime. (In office 1965 – 1989) This little mistake got her summoned by an inspector officer who later wanted to take advantage of her sexuality.
As she rode the tram to her interrogation ‘appointment’, she thought over the events and people in her life under this terror period in the past and now. So the structure of the book is more of conscious dialogues, thinking and wondering here and there. I find this style very challenging. Her (narrator) tone is very sharp and oddly calm. What I really admire the narrator is her perseverance in turbulent time, coming home from tiring day at work and confronting a drunkard husband, she hide away and kept writing to sweat those stress out.
“Life is really full of shit,
There’s no choice but to piss on it”
In the time when the head of the county is a communist evil, anything can happen without skeptics. There will be inspectors coming to take your radio or tv. You anxiously suspect that someone is spying on you. If your name on the list, you’ll get summoned, numourous time, part of your body will be cut until you speak. Women were forced to spread their thigh even before the interview started. Life has little to none of value. I want to vomit reading about the secret polices kill or rape woman.
I sort of think that this book is based on real stories on her account. Herta Muller lost her job as a teacher and suffered repeated threats after refusing to cooperate with Ceausecu’s secret police. Most of her works got censored or banned.
This book and stories still up to date and I’m really related to this personally but I’ll leave it like this for now. I can’t recommend this book highly enough.

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