The Conservationist by Nadine Gordimer

Nadine Gordimer
The Nobel Prize in Literature 1991
“who through her magnificent epic writing has –
in the words of Alfred Nobel – been of very great benefit to humanity.”

I really appreciate the beauty of Gordimer descriptive style of picturing the farm life and the landscape of a grassy plains outside Johannesburg. The weavers, bishop birds, Snipe, Piebald kingfisher, reeds, vlei et cetra. ….This book is about South Africa, ani-apartheid, social justice, racism, class, white supremacist, capitalist, patriarch, racial segregation and gender roles. The story is about this white man who’s very rich and own a vacation farm house where he take the prostitute to stay over night occasionally. The farm was taken care by this slave black guy. And then there were this Indian family who own a shop in the town. Then the story goes on. And that’s all my poor brain can digest.
I think my biggest struggle of this book is the language and prose. I just don’t get it. There are many parentheses and punctuation everywhere. I don’t understand neither the dialogue nor the plots. I couldn’t be able to contemplate the stories. It’s seems to me like each sentences doesn’t correlate to one another. I made an effort to keep reading it and I was trying to understand it but I didn’t. Ended up confused between the line and enjoy very little. Many times I picked this book and gave up in the middle of it but this time I have to push through it so that I can mark off my reading goal and it’s the only one book by Gordimer that I have so… Maybe I will try Selected Stories or The Ultimate Safari. I’d never give up just because the first attempt was fail.

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